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AllworldDeals shipping introduction

We ship our products to almost all the countries in the world and we offer standard shipping for most of them. We aim at constantly reducing the fees our customers may have to pay if they can not or want not to select Standard Shipping.

We offer a variety of shipping methods, which we hope will fulfill your needs.



How does AllworldDeals ship your order and how long does it take to ship ?

AllworldDeals has over 30 warehouses around the world. Convenient logistics methods are available for different countries or regions. Packages from local warehouse can be delivered within 2 days at the earliest, and from China warehouse can be delivered within 8 days at the earliest. The specific delivery time is shown on the product detail page when you place the order and varies in different countries and different logistics methods.

If you have not received your item long after the delivery time, please contact us. AllworldDeals will verify your case and negotiate compensation solutions with you, such as refund/resending, and etc.

Delivery may be delayed due to force majeure events, such as natural disasters, bad weather, war, and any other events beyond our direct control, such as public holidays and customs issues.

If you require any further information or assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.



When will it be delivered? Possible causes for non-delivery?

After your successful payment, we will ship the goods within 1-2 working days.


Delivery time may be extended because of holidays, natural disasters, etc, or if the products are out of stock.


Please contact our customer service if needed, and we will go all out to help you to solve the problem.



Why is my package delayed and the tracking information is not updated?

Package delay may be caused by epidemic situation, flight delay, slow customs clearance process, national policy adjustment, holidays and other force majeure factors.

Tips: When the package is delayed, the tracking information will be in a certain node for a period of time, and the tracking information will not be updated until the package reaches the next transportation node.


If your package is delayed, please deal with the following process:

-Check the tracking information of the package.

-Confirm whether the delivery time is on weekends or major holidays.

-Confirm whether you have received the emails notifying delay from us.

-Confirm whether your address and phone information are accurate.


Special statement, package delay caused by force majeure events (such as natural disasters, severe weather, war, and any other events beyond our direct control) , is not within the scope of our responsibility.


If you require any further information or assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.



How to modify my personal information after ordering?

In order to ensure the successful delivery, it is recommended that you contact us to modify your personal information such as address and phone number before the package is shipped. 

If the package is shipped, please contact us within 3-5 working days to confirm the modification.



When will I receive my order?

Before placing an order:

You can check the estimated delivery time on the product details page.



After placing an order:

1. When the package is shipped, we will send an email to inform the estimated delivery time and logistics tracking information.


2. Also, you can check the estimated delivery time on the order details page or logistics details page by the following steps:

(1) Sign in and visit "My Orders".

(2) Find the order and click “Order Details”.

(3) Check the”Expected delivery date” on the details page.

(4) Click the "View detail" to enter the logistics details page.

(5) Check the”Expected Delivery Date” on the logistics details page.

3. If the order has been signed before you receive the package, you can consult AllworldDeals's customer service, who will confirm within 2-5 business days.

1. What is tariff?

Tariff is the tax levied by the customs established by the government on the imported export goods when they pass through the customs of a country. 


2. Why do I have to pay the duty?

When you shop on AllworldDeals, you are buying from overseas. And you are responsible for paying taxes.

Taxes and fees depend on where your order is mailed from, the type of goods you buy and the value. Different countries may have different tax policies on specific products. You can confirm this with customer service or your local customs. 


3. How do I pay the duty?

You can pay through the tax clearance procedures of your local customs authority in your country/territory. 


4. Matters needing attention

To avoid any unforeseeable accidents, please note the following:

  1. Ask customer service if you need to pay any additional import duties, taxes, or other customs-related fees.
    2. Contact your local post office or customs for more information about tariffs and taxes in your country.
    3. Import duties, levies or other customs related charges are usually charged by the shipping company at the time of delivery.
    4. You can purchase customs insurance on the order page, so that you can go to customer service to settle your claim after you have paid the import duty on the goods you have collected.
    5. AllworldDeals is not responsible for delays caused by customs departments in your country/territory.
    6. If an order subject to tax is not taxed, it is not sought at the post office, or its delivery is rejected by the recipient, it will be returned to the sender (AllworldDeals). You can request a refund and AllworldDeals will deduct all costs of shipping the order to the destination country and back from the refund amount.



Why the shipping charge is getting changed?

Since it is the estimated fee shown on the page of the item, the actual amount is calculated during checkout according to your address.


Here are the probable reasons:

1. Delivery area&ZIP code reason:

The shipping fees vary according to the delivery area and ZIP code, and thus slight mismatch may arise between the charges shown on the product page and on the shopping cart.

2. The shipping method is different

Please check whether the free shipping method displayed on the page is inconsistent with the shipping method on the checkout page.


If you only see one shipping method that requires a shipping fee at checkout, which means the free shipping methods are not available to your address due to logistics restrictions. We are sorry for the inconvenience.


7 Days DOA Guarantee Policy

If the item you received is damaged, please contact us within 7 days of the order being received and provide the clear and valid proof (photos or video of the item and the SKU number). AllworldDeals will verify the case and negotiate compensation solutions with you according to the extent of damage, such as partial refund / resending accessories / resending a new product, etc.



7 Days Missing/Wrong Items Guarantee Policy

When you sign for the package, we highly recommend you to unpack and check the item(s). If there is an item missing, a wrong item or secondary packaging, please kindly contact us within 7 days after the date of receipt and provide the product information (SKU number / order number / product ID) and the related proof (eg: clear photos of the package, photos or video of received item and package weight). 

If AllworldDeals confirm it as a non-customer problem (eg: missing items, wrong items, or product incompleteness caused by logistics), we will arrange reshipment of accessories/partial refund/a new replacement/return and replacement based on the specific case.



No Reason Returns Policy

To improve your shopping experience in AllworldDeals, we have return and exchange worry-free policy for some products (giveaways are not included) after receipt (For example, customers don't like the product or order a wrong item). For relevant product types and valid return and exchange time,.



1. For non-quality issues(such as personal reason), customer will be responsible for paying the return shipping fees and any customs fees or duties incurred during the return process.

2. The returned product must be the same as the package sent, and the product is not damaged (the outer packaging is not opened, the product is not used, Windows is not activated, etc.), and does not affect the second sale.

3. Due to hygiene considerations, items such as underwear / swimsuits /  earrings / diving products with breathing valve / hygiene products that are in direct contact with mouth / health & beauty hair products are not covered by this guarantee.

4. Customized items ( such as, print customers' logo, cutomize size ) are not covered by this guarantee.

5. If you do not want to pay high import duties on the return package, please avoid selecting an express mail service like DHL, UPS, TNT, FedEx, and similar ones.




My product arrived faulty/damaged. What can I do?

You will be covered by the AllworldDeals 7 Days Guarantee. 


You can take some photos or a short video showing the content of the package you received and send them to us through return/repair at Contact us or at your order list. 


We will do our best to assist you shortly after receiving your query.



One or more items are missing when I open the package. What can I do?

Below please find enlisted some of the most common reasons:

1. The order was split: check if your order has been split on the My Orders page of your account;

2. You ordered from different warehouses: if you have placed an order from different warehouses, you will receive the products separately;

3. We made a mistake: on rare occasions, an item may not have been placed in the right package;

4. The parcel was damaged or some items were removed: your package may have been opened or damaged during its delivery. It is also possible that one or more items have fallen out.

If the status of your order shows that it was not split, for fashion products such as shoes, cloth and bags ect, you could direct go to the live chat asking assistances. For other product, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.



How long will it take to receive my refund?



①AllworldDeals's refund approving time: 24-48 hours.
Note: We will inform you by e-mail after your refund request has been approved.

②Refund processing times: AllworldDeals & Bank

Note: The exact time for the refund depends on the official processing time of your payment methods and bank. Please see the following refund processing times as a reference:








Payment Type

Payment Method

Refund Time Once Approved (Refund approving time:24-48 hours)



Refund within 1 business day.

PP Credit

Refund within 1 business day.
Bank Processing Time: 7-10 business days

Credit or Debit Card

Credit Card
Google pay
Apple pay
Debit Card BR

Refund within 1 business day.
Bank Processing Time: 7-14 natural days


If the payment method you used to pay for your order cannot be sent to the original payment method, we suggest you refund to PayPal.

1) PayPal: If you choose to send money via PayPal, the total refund amount will be less as you will need to pay all PayPal commission charges. PayPal charges commission according to your PayPal account rate.

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